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Freshman Fund

Have you ever wished you could get a little help saving for your child's college?  Freshman Fund may be the answer.

Freshman Fund is like a gift registry for college.  After you set up an account you can invite friends, grandparents, and relatives to contribute directly to your account.  Whenever you're ready you can have the funds in your account sent directly to your child's 529 plan.

I like this idea a lot.  Think of all of those gifts your child gets on his birthday.  Does he really need another action figure?  Or does she need another doll?  I'd like my daughter's relatives to be able to give her money toward college, but until now it has been difficult.   When I do receive a check from a family member, I have to fill out a deposit form to send it into her 529.

Here's how Freshman Fund works:

1. Set up an account

2. Enter the name of your kid(s)

3. Invite friends to contribute

It's simple and free.  For more details, visit

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